Songs of Our Mothers and Fathers

Where do timeless songs come from?

Thankfully, many come from the hearts and minds of those we walk with today, speaking in fresh ways of past truths and present realities.


But they also come from those who have walked this road before us. Full of God's life, they have been passed down for us to make our own. 

Songs of Our Mothers and Fathers is this. Word pictures, exhortations and deep truths that have stood the test of time; spoken or sung before, but within each generation taking root again to remind us of who we are, why we are here, and what we're to be about. 

This is a work in process. Songs will be added as they are adapted, written and produced. Links to individual songs & lyrics along with liner notes are below. To stream or download the entire EP for FREE,  use the player at right or go to the Heartland page at Bandcamp. Thank you for listening.

Music by Bill Weaver - © 2013 Bill Weaver Music 
     Jesus said when you pray, pray like this, beginning with "Our Father." (Matt. 6:9-13) Yes, he is my Father and your Father, but more than that, he is our Father. If there is individual application here, it is secondary. Everything about this is a cry, plea and shout of all of his children standing all together in their oneness before their Father from whom all life flows. Amen, and amen. 

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